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Hmmm. Need to really think this one through

I got some of the best papers I've ever gotten for the EN 101 argument paper from ONE of my sections. I did a number of things differently for the two sections, and the high performing section was a unique population. I need to really think through everything that was different and try to understand what factors are most likely the significant contributors to the quality difference.

And are they duplicatable?


Sep. 26th, 2014

Last night when I got the news about Ashley, I was numb. When I finally fell asleep, I had progressed to stunned.
This morning...well, let's just say, numbed and stunned were better.

But Linda is right, "Today is a day for hiding. And comfort food. And feeding stray cats. And taking care of people you love. And putting on panties. And forgiving your family. And having the courage to love again. And having the courage to embrace your sorrow.

Because that's what she did."

So I asked Rowan if she wanted to meet at the DEV after work. And sent out an invite to friends to meet us there.


You're proud of me

table tag
"Because I didn't drunk-post last night. You know my motto--never drink and write."
"Trust me on this. Not. A. Good. Idea."
"But I want to hear what you have to say."
"No. You don't. Trust me on this."
"No. Just no. Just be proud and move on. It's really better for everyone this way."
"Ummmm. Okay. I guess. But..."
"But what?"
"After you drunk post, there's usually cookies. I really want a cookie."
"Have a cookie. I got them from the "Drunk Post Free" aisle--right next to the gluten free ones."

Not my best

table tag
Bills paid. Only one a little late. Except I'm not sure I got a bill. Because of STUPID postal carriers who keep misdelivering mail.

Managed to not flame any of my friends, multiples of whom posted incredibly stupid shit on Facebook. Go me. (No, if you can see this, I don't mean you.)

Have many thinky-thoughts about new house, new life, new patterns. No time yet. Must unpack boxes.

Kitty drama has been…traumatic for kitty and human. I'm hoping we've hit a holding pattern since we readjusted meds. We'll see how he manages with my going to the workshop. I'm cutting it short just in case. No Philly Museum for me this trip. I was really looking forward to going again on Saturday. Oh well. At least there will be dinner with friends.

Still trying to decide how much I miss television. And football. I haven't seen a football game yet this year and it's KILLING me. I want the news, and football, and those just aren't really available without live TV (at least not safely or legally, and I AM my daddy's little girl--he'd drive back to a store if he found out they gave him too much change back).

Okay, time for bed, because tomorrow I still have to clean up, pack, get the rental, and drive to Philly. That part doesn't bother me. It's getting from the outskirts into city center. I've gone down there 3 times now, but only as a passenger. Given that experience, I have NO desire to drive it myself, but, well, that's what's happening tomorrow. Pray for me.



table tag
I didn't realize how much I was counting on him coming home today. When I talked to the vet yesterday everything sounded great--more active, bright-eyed, rehydrating.

Blood work came back with kidney and liver function numbers much improved, but white cell count much higher. So they're going to switch antibiotics and give him potassium in hopes he will start eating. And they're keeping him another day. If I was going to penny pinch, they'd send him home, but I really want him well, especially since starting tomorrow through Sunday I have the pugs 24/7 (Knowne World Cooks Collegium and all that).

Fur momma is not happy.


Tag kitten
What sucks:

Taking TAG (see kitten picture above) to the vet as an Urgent Care patient this AM. It became obvious this morning that he wasn't suffering from his usual "it's August and I've shed so much I have a hairball the size of Rhode Island I'm trying to get rid of" and the malaise is more serious. We eliminated the likelihood it is cardiac-related, and now we're onto "fun with nephrology." Trying to steel myself for bad news.

Finding out they changed the format of the class I'm teaching a Learning Community with, so the things we did in the past to align and support each other in the two classes just got thrown out the friggin' window, and classes start on Wednesday. Feel my joy.

Apparently yesterday while unpacking and cat-monitoring I did "something" to my right hand. Feels at the very least like I strained a muscle. Other options are sprained thumb, hyper-extended ligament or tendon, or something similar. Right now doing the whole heat/cold/support/NSAIDS thing in hopes that clears it up pretty quickly.

The "Best Office-mate in the World" is heading to Vietnam on Sept. 10 and will be gone until December. This sucks. A lot.

Not everything sucked:

The veterinary clinic where I take TAG is a cats-clusive vet, that not only treats only cats, but has them resident. I was greeted in the parking lot by a charming gentleman in a distinguished tuxedo.

I have a great boss and semi-boss.

I have time to get the semester started, if I really focus today and tomorrow (see above for possible contraindications of likelihood).

The unpacking yesterday resulted in numerous boxes emptied, and I can now get to a window in the future library, which means I can open it, making for more cross-ventilation. And, most importantly, I found the cookies!!

The-Best-Office-Mate-in-the-World is excited at this amazing opportunity, and I'm really happy for him.


What the heck?

happy dance
So, I've wanted an iPad for awhile now, mostly for work. I'd tried using my NOOK as a tablet for meetings, conferences, etc., class, you know--the whole academic thing. But the NOOK is primarily a reading device, at which it works beautifully. I really needed an iPad, especially with the lovely way I can hook one of those into the SmartClassrooms. I put it off and off, but, finally, this year I decided I'd break down--because, really, the most sensible time to do it is when you've just bought a flippin' house. (We'll discuss my money management issues some other time, okay kiddies?)

So, yesterday, I decided it was the day, and since I hadn't been able to make it out to DestinyUSA at all during the summer, it was my last chance before the 30 week cluster-flip that is the school year started. So once I finished the "Convocation Walk-through" that was yesterday morning, I decided I'd get one. AND that I'd drive to Syracuse to the Apple Store to do it, rather than just take the 5 minute drive to Best Buy or Walmart here in town.

So I went to DestinyUSA. Got some lunch, then headed to the Apple store (which was cray-cray, because, "Hello!" dumba$$--back to SCHOOL frenzy). Nonetheless, a lovely, older Apple associate named Stan came to help me. He was charming, unhurried, answered my questions (talking me back from more memory than I'd really need, given the use I intended for the iPad), and all was well. In talking I explained I'd be using it in the classroom, etc. When the time came to settle up, I got a LOVELY surprise. Apparently, the only time my educator discount applies to an iPad is...wait for it...during their "Back to School" sale period. So, I got a discount that wouldn't have applied any other time of the year. Then, on top of it, because it was the sale period, I also got a $50 gift card for the Apple Store. So, because I irresponsibly decided to buy my iPad now...I win! And, because every pay period I put $10 into a special account labeled "Electronics" I was able to buy it mostly for cash, not credit.

So, the universe just patted me on the head a bit, for which I am grateful. Especially since my NOOK is being a bit of a butthead at the moment in terms of battery issues.

In other news, there is still nowhere to sit in the apartment, except the stepladder in the kitchen or the bed. Oh, well.


A) That was a weird interface. Is LJ trying to be G+?

B) Grateful for good friends--both those with me in body and those whose good will is the wind beneath my wings.

C) GHOSTS. I has them. They showed up everywhere in the last 2 days as we were packing. Morguhn, Cat, Rannveigr, Mom, Daddy, Elinor....Satin, Shadow, Modi, Frigga, Popcorn, Brindy....and every one was a knife, and a balm.

D) Fall down now, go boom.

Okay--I get it now

While I've always loved the play, I never could quite "buy" A Midsummer Night's Dream. This is largely because the notion of falling asleep, outside, on Midsummer Eve was just ludicrous. It is often in the 40s or 50s here on that night (Faherenheit for those of you who have succumbed to the pedantry of decimal mania), so just "falling asleep" in your clothes outside and waking up without a case of hypothermia just never "range true" to me. However, the next time I watch Puck and Bottom, Helena and Hermia, and the rest, the sleeping lovers will not make me shake my head in disbelief.

Tonight I got home from Eastern Star exhausted, weary--the stress of trying to buy the house in Utica, the commitments to Star and family, teaching two summer classes (which are more concentrated, and longer than each individual class is during the regular year, so twice as tiring), and the stress of packing are all seeming to hit at once. I felt barely able to put one foot in front of the other, but the puppies and kitties need things that can't be put off. Still in my long whites (we had initiation tonight), I walked the dogs--in a white lace top and a full, white lawn skirt. Even had white shoes on. And I was perfectly comfortable out in the yard, even with the leftover damp from last night's storm. Trying to watch the black dog in the darkness between the maples and the locust trees, trying to keep the nearly blind one away from the road, it was still beautiful. The quiet, the still air, the smell of iris and peonies a quiet note floating atop the scent of grass and earth.

And then I saw it out of the corner of my eye. A flash of almost blue white light in a streak across the sky. "Shooting star," I thought to myself. So I started looking at the sky to see if it was a shower of meteors. And then I saw another streak--beside the barn. And then I realized it was fireflies. The brightest, most dynamic fireflies I have ever seen. These were not twinkling lights in the lawn. These were brilliant globes of light moving in the grass, among the trees, all the way to the tops of some of the maples. And at the bases of many of the trees are little villages of mushrooms, brown and smooth.

Tonight, the subjects of Titania and Oberon let me see them preparing for two nights from now, and the Midsummer Revels.

Thank you.


Discontent and the Doctor

Okay, I wasn't right back.
And, in the interests of full disclosure, I didn't rewatch it. I tried. Truly. But I got about as far as when Wilson has his last gasp...oh, wait, not "Wilson"--Handles...and I just couldn't take it any more.

A while back a meme was going around the interweb, that in one incarnation looked a lot like this:

I don't get it.

Except for Torchwood, I can't really think of any important character who actually died in a Moffat world. We get noble and ignoble ends for lots of secondary characters, but not really anyone who matters. And, frankly, even with Torchwood it felt a little hollow, because it all felt so inevitable. Really--was anyone surprised when Tosh or Ianto died? Really??

No. Moffat has all this "street cred" for mercilessly killing off his characters, but I don't think he deserves it. He has a bunch of immortal characters to play with, and that "wibbly-wobbly timey-whimy stuff" that allows for a certain cavalier attitude with lives and consequences, and he then adds in soupcon of "I don't give a damn," and "POOF!" Lots of flash. No substance.

So, "Time of the Doctor." Where the Doctor finally has to deal with real personal mortality. Where he ages ("Worst Makeup in a Series Razzie goes to...."), and stays put for HUNDREDS of years. And then, TA DA, the Time Lords fix it "from beyond." And the Daleks have killed off all the other villains. And The Church gets totally trashed.

Even Clara couldn't save this one. (I like Clara. She reminds me a bit of Donna Noble, a bit of Sarah Jane, and just a bit of Romana I--how could I not?)

So I was asked what I thought of "Time of the Doctor." I think rather a lot of it. Sadly, not much good.