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Knitting crack

My yarn from KnitPicks came this morning. It is even closer to the endpaper colors I was trying to match for a favorite Louisa May Alcott book than I could have hoped. The blush is nearly dead on. Yippee.

Now I can really do the endpaper mitts! I'm trying to decide whether to buy myself ebony dps for a b'day prezzie, and if so, what size and how long. Tis a puzzlement.

There was supposed to be much Masonic activity, both male and female today, but the storm caused both events to be cancelled. So, Ro got an unexpected weekend day at home (very good), the three of us get to work on some house stuff, I get to make s'getti for supper, and there is much nesting. Is very good. Tomorrow is football. While I'd like to think my Bears will win, and Morguhn would like to see Payton Manning in the Superbowl, I suspect it will be the Saints and the Patroits at the big dance, in which case the household colors will be Black and Gold on Superbowl Sunday. Tomorrow, as long as my boys play well, I'll be happy--if anyone has to take them out, the Saints would bother me least.

Now, to work--two powerpoint presentations to develop for Monday.