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Aug. 13th, 2007

Pennsic was Pennsic. The timing (a week earlier) was nice, despite those with selective memory who insist on blaming all the crappy weather on the week shift. Check the weather reports for the last 20 years kids--we've gotten sucky weather like we had this last week at least 6 times in the past that I remember during the SECOND week of the war, usually thanks to some hurricane or tropical depression. The only way a time change would truly affect the War weather would be to move it out of hurricane season. Not gonna happen.

Did my usual Pennsic service at Public Safety, but I was feeling guilty about not being Fleur-y enough (no classes). I did make the A&S display and my order meeting. Then my sweet Duke pointed out that spending 2 hours a day in a rehearsal tent working on period music was...ta da...ART! dummy, so I had nothing to apologize for. I love that guy.

Left Friday, with Boy failing the packing test for the first time ever! (And this despite us taking back less stuff than Ro drove down.) Thanks to those who found room for the stuff that didn't fit. Boy rented us a lovely hotel room (Holiday Inn Express Rocks!) with jacuzzi tub for Friday night. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse (my favorite steak joint), then b'fast Saturday at Bob Evans. It is all good.

The car was only a bit of a putz on the way home, with many stops. But the 45 minute cool down at the Liverpool Thruway stop was not much fun (though Duke napped, which is good). For some reason, macho man wouldn't let me spell him in the driving. Doofus.

Home. Two packages awaited me--the new Babylon 5 movie and a big box from Penzey's Spice House. Much happiness. I unloaded the spices Saturday. MMMMMmmmmmm. There shall be yumminess. Watched the movie yesterday morning when I woke early--close captioned so I could actually follow it. Then the boos wanted to watch it last night. I win! Yesterday afternoon we went to see Stardust. I didn't enjoy it as much as the Comtesse did, but it was fun. "Arrrrrrggghhh" will never be the same again.

Today it's back to the academic treadmill, but there is still some time for pleasure reading left. At the War I finished the Heloise and Abelard bio by Burge (recommended), finished off the medieval mystery I started last War (The Tainted Relic, which is a bit like the movie Gun in its conceit, and then finished Jordan's Knife of Dreams). Since there were 2 days left, and I had no book, I picked up the first book in Candace Robb's second series (A Trust Betrayed), but was underwhelmed. The protagonist is a whiny, self-absorbed Scotswoman. I miss Owen Archer and his tough little apothacary wife. Started The Historian last night. That will probably be the last fun reading until the semester ends. Sigh.

And so it goes.



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Aug. 13th, 2007 11:39 am (UTC)
BTW, we have a Penzey's shop right around the corner from us now, so if there is anything you ever need, let us know! (Although I imagine it's just as fast/easy to order it, it might be cheaper to get one or two things from us w/o shipping, etc.).

Aug. 13th, 2007 01:49 pm (UTC)

yay, owen archer books!

; ^ D

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