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Back for another round

Sooo...today is the first day of obligation--both required meetings were more than an hour shorter than previous years. This is a good sign.

Now, what I really want to write about--the minutia of everyday life.

Determined to enjoy my last weekend of "freedom," much silliness ensued. Okay, I lie.

Friday was errands and other relative tedium. Much dealing with banks and funds and snarling. Not like the Banker Baroness (btw, lovely one--the golden parachute was truly golden, but, to quote the Horrid Dispatch, "well within industry norms." Grrrr. Glad I switched to the credit union. Make that usually glad), but snarls nonetheless. However, the tilapia packets for dinner were good. Next time I think I'll add lemon, though.

Saturday I got my hair done (after more banking growls; like I said--usually glad). The fact that neither of the other ducal types in the house have said a thing about the new 'do indicates they hate it. Tough. I like it, so they'd best get used to it cause it's likely to be around for a while (yes, it's shorter--Malcolm's hair may be longer than mine now). Then I ran some errands, including a Macy's trip at the request of the boy. That makes anything I bought on that trip his fault. So there. (It is a lovely Executive bag though--cordovan leather. My "I got tenure!!!" present to myself. Purrrrrrrrrr.) Am I a grownup now, Mommy?

When I got home boy had tried the new painting scheme on the windows. All I can say about that is that when we got to the Fireman's breakfast Sunday our nearest neighbor, Judy, taking money for the meal, said "Your house looks soo nice!" before we even got up to the table. Boy looked very shy and pleased. As he should (the pleased part anyway--the shy was just unbearably cute). After dinner (whatever the hell I made--can't remember. Oh, right, hamburgers. Yuck.), we watched our newest Netflix--300. My eyes still hurt. In a good way.

Sunday was the fireman's breakfast, then we came home and did some work (okay, I avoided work I didn't want to do, that had to be done, by doing other work, but, well, ya'll love me anyway. Right?). Then we realized we had screwed up when Ro had to be at work (you'd think the colonel's son could read military time), which looked likely to ruin the movie plans--but she called and said she'd be late, so we went and saw The Bourne Ultimatum. I think I might be at the point of "If Matt Damon's in it, I'm going." He never disappoints--and, at least so far, he disappears into his parts. When I watch Tom Hanks, or Clint Eastwood, or sometimes Russell Crowe, I'm aware of the actor as much as the character. Damon disappears into the parts for me. That's so cool! The movie also was exactly the right balance of mind and body, at least for me (read: dramatic tension and kick-ass action scenes).

Then it was home to dinner (shrimp stir fry) and more work (garden, laundry, paperwork), and finally the work I didn't want to do. Done. For now.

Which brings me to now. The Historian is still unread. Maybe some tonight. Oh, wait--nope. The preseason fauxball is the Bears and Colts. Well--guess I'll knit. I must finish one project of the four in progress before I start another. sigh.

That was the other thing that happened this weekend. Sock yarn. Beautiful handpainted self-striping yarn (http://www.theloopyewe.com/browse/yarns/claudia-hand-painted-yarns/fingering/cl-carousel/ and 3 other colors), some for me, some for prezzies. FWIW, I really like the service and attitude of Loopy Ewe (http://www.theloopyewe.com/).

Tomorrow I will work. Now, it's off to the post office to mail the wretched "work I didn't want to do," pick up some groceries, and home to puppies and kitties and the rest of my morning tea. Don't ask.


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Aug. 20th, 2007 03:50 pm (UTC)
Happy Tenure to you!!!!!
Aug. 20th, 2007 07:51 pm (UTC)
Happy Tenure!!!

New 'do.... picture for the poor LiW who won't get to see her Beloved Duchess for quite awhile yet. Please??
Aug. 21st, 2007 08:59 pm (UTC)
Congratulations on the getting of tenure. What are your classes this semester? To chime in on ladybriant, pictures please?

BTW, I'm very happy that I deployed my own my silver parachute 3 years ago today. Please tell me you bailed the bank accounts to the credit unions when I left Partners Trust? My in-laws didn't and are paying for it now.

Yes, multi-millions are the industry norms, and don't forget the stock options.
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