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In lieu of real comment

Instead of posting the stuff going on in my head thanks to much_ado, I offer up the following:

Headline: Mukasey unsure about waterboarding

Duh. He's sure about his visceral reaction ("It's bad") but unsure of legality. Doesn't want to offer opinion prior to actually seeing relevant documents. My party's senators (some anyway), most of whom are lawyers, have a problem with that. Which explains why they are politicians and no longer in practice. They'd be disbarred. Idjits.

Headline: Designer says Jennifer Lopez is pregnant

Errr, now I know someone must have explained it to me before, but why exactly is it I should care? Oh, right, the same reason I care who has custody of Britney's kids. Ooops, I forgot.

Happiest moment of the day: When a student appeared in my 1 o'clock class looking for all the world like an Amy Brown fairy, sans wings. Usually very buttoned up and serious. Whimsey is good. She made me smile.