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Threading the needle

While dead animal flesh seems to be my strong suit in the cooking department, poultry is always a challenge. I can't abide underdone (not to mention the health issue) and I hate over-cooked, dry bird.

Yesterday, on impulse, I bought a turkey breast, with the thought of making a "Sunday Dinner." But, well, there are problems with that. Without the dark meat, and all it's lovely fat, I was afraid it would be dry; because it went in the over so cold, I was afraid it would be underdone (or that the juices would all drin out and it would be dry.

Well, I grided my lines (aka, tied on an apron) and went to work. I'd planned to quarter an onions and chunk up some celery, smear a piece of bread with butter and Bell's poultry seasoning and stick it inside. Well, turns out you can't do that with a turkey breast, 'cause there really isn't a cavity. Okay, plan B. I took some sage leaves from the kitchen garden and put them under the skin, made up some herbed olive oil to brush on at 25 minute intervals, and made the best of it.

Skin was crunchy and golden brown, bird was moist and fully cooked. There were many sighs of contentment from the turkey lovers (M and R). Just simple baked potatoes and baby peas, some sour cream for the taters. I'll make gravy for the leftovers.

Tonight is grading papers, and then a bit of ice cream. I've had worse Sundays.