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For Dicea

It's a lovely day--I can walk around with my coat open. Me, who's been cold all week. Ooo hoo!

I have a work load for the evening that will allow me to do a little pleasure reading. Ooohoohoo!

A blouse I bought 5 years ago, and was a little snug at the time, fits today. It's even a little loose. Yay me!

Duchezz doesn't have to work tonight! *smile*

These updates brought to you by Pollyanna and friends.



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Nov. 14th, 2007 04:55 pm (UTC)
Gold Star
Within about one minute of you posting this the last of our network problems slipped away into the ozone.

Looks like Tinkerbell is gonna pull through too.

Good work, you.

(Of course, the Boogie took the reins and discovered that our router designer has a new wizard out and this means something to people like the Boogie, and she made it all work, and my life is so much less quiet now. So happy.)

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