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Coming around again

So, yesterday was quiet. The lack of meds (due to test on Friday) and the effect of that lack made itself felt yesterday. Why my PCP's staff could not process the "I can't take NSAIDS for a week, so can the Dr. prescribe a different kind of anti-inflammatory--say, a steroidal one--for ONE WEEK?" seemed beyond their abilities. So, I have acetaminophen for the pain, but nothing for the inflamation. They helpfully suggested a topical analgesic. Well gee, morons--if I was asking for pain meds that would be fine, but I'm asking for anti-inflammatory so there is no pain to deal with. So, my bed is my friend for sitting, watching TV, etc., no bending over at all, and lots of very slow movements. And trying to stay relaxed (all muscles) which means the current cold snap is timed oh-so-perfectly. Grrrr. Plus tomorrow I have all the prep fun. I will spare you all the TMI. Oh well, it'll probably be good for my weight loss agenda, so there is at least that.

Then, of course, NurseSquire's lovely NurseWife pointed out that they'll be contorting my body a bit to do the test (during which I'll be happily oblivious), and that could really screw me up, especially after a week with no meds. Joy. Since I'm really motivated to do some house cleaning/rearranging the immobility requirement is really...irksome.

On the other hand, an hour before 2007 ended I finished the second of my Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang (http://www.eunnyjang.com/knit/2006/11/endpaper_mitts.html). One of my resolves this year is to take pictures of FOs (knit, sewn, embroidered) and post them as appropriate, so there will be photos at some point. I'm fairly happy with them. I'm going to make a few more pairs, both as gifts and for myself, and with luck I'll figure out how to get rid of the "holes" at the thumb join. And I'm going to learn the tubular cast one and Kitchner bind off for the next set.

I put a new project on the needles--I don't know if it'll be done by 12th Night, but it's a goal. Then, finish the cardigan (one front, sleeve and a half to go), decide whether to finish second beta Wine and Roses mitt or go straight to the "Public Release" version with the lace weight yarn I bought this summer, and start prezzie for Ro (which requires getting a set of needles). I hope to start a sweater for The Boy by spring, since I've had the wool for, well...let's just say "a while."

Heading into town briefly (meeting, pharmacy) but mostly at home today. I figure since I don't get to eat AT ALL tomorrow, and nothing for half of Friday, I can eat whatever I damn well please today; so, we're having pot roast, potatoes, veggies, and I'm going to eat sugar cookies until I go into a coma. Okay, Rowan pointed out that with me that means I'll probably eat four, and she's right, but, well, it's the principle of the the thing, dammit!