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Fa la la la la

Well, another 12th Night, another...

The bad:

Didn't really care I was there. Probably would have been happier in my own house with my kitty.

The good:

Much outweighed the bad. Saw friends from far and near. It was so nice to see Briony, Jon, Plunder, wave at Gavin and Hrimmy...

Talked to a "new" embroiderer who did some truly lovely work! Rhiannon and I talked about her work for quite a while. That was nice.

Put a quash on a potential nasty. I hate it when good intentions cause so much pain--bad situation and no bad guys: what a mess! I like it so much more when there's a genuine villian to annihilate.

Got to spend quiet time with one of my favoritest people, and at least a few moments (even if only a flying hug) with many of the people I really care about in the SCA. If the Fencing Duchess and my old college chum had been there it would have been practically perfect.

Dear AEthelmearc Royalty:

I'd like to point out that if you persist in focusing Your musters in West Virginia and Cooper's You will continue to find that the fighters in the Eastern part of Your kingdom become fewer, more disaffected, and generally apathetic. And will find other places to play. This was Your clue call. Hello!! Why not make the EK Southern Region War Camp part of your agenda, too--it's a hell of a lot closer for the Eastern HALF of your kingdom to get to than White Hart is, let alone Blackstone!

Selfish best: Got many props on appearance, which was lovely. It's hard when you're walking around in your own skin to really see a difference, and the people you see everyday have nearly the same problem. But folks I haven't seen since Pennsic...well, they bring a whole different perspective to the process. Thank you all who said kind things!

After: Went to Applebee's in Binghamton for dinner, but really wished we could have found somewhere to eat with our daughter (Countess Alexandra) and my niece (Briony) [in that strange world of the SCA, Muriel is my "sister," and since Briony is her apprentice that makes Briony my "niece." My "brother" Tofi said so].

Just saw a disturbing (on many levels) commercial: the new Honda Odyssey commercial. Visually appealing, somewhat blasphemous,* with "Barracuda" by Heart for the music. I don't know whether to smile or write an irrate letter. Hrmph.

*for those who honor the old gods, not for people who honor the god of Abraham.



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Jan. 13th, 2008 04:09 pm (UTC)
I missed getting to see you all, but I did not miss the 6 hour drive. You might think that the first 13 colonies would have more connecting roads, but I guess not.

And we got to fence at our twelfth night. *grin*
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