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Le sigh.

Boy went to bed in a bit of a pout. Today, of all days, his favorite quarterback's "D" performed in uncharacteristically sloppy style in the second half. Maybe the babies (they are terribly young, except for Harris) don't like the cold. They looked more like they did v. my Bears than like any other time all season, and it was horribly cold that day, too. Bad timing, though. That game had absolutely mo stakes--can't say that about tonight's.

Then, of course, in OT Brett decided to remind us all about one of the NFL records he holds--the one for interceptions.

Well, at least it went into overtime. Man, if the Chargers had been able to have touchdowns instead of field goals. And they held the points mad Patriots to a relatively low score for them. Man, they really came to life in the second half of the season. We'd best keep an eye on them next year.

So, in two weeks the Pats are going to leave a big NFC colored grease spot on the field in Arizona. Well, at least the SuperBowl won't distract me from grading papers this year!



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Jan. 21st, 2008 11:56 pm (UTC)
It seems that the 3rd time was the charm for The Giants, after missing two game winning feild goals. Big Blue must now go on to avenge the Jets loss to the Patriots.
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