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Walked yesterday and today making sure I was ready for the Heart Walk Saturday (my 4th, Duchezz's 6th). Anyone who wants to pledge for me (or Duchezz) let me know here and I'll put you on the appropriate list and then after the walk we'll figure out how you can send in your pledge (anything from $.50 up would be lovely). We want to do the 5K, but we're assuming the rest of the team will do the 3K. We'll see what happens.

Duke bought Duchezz new pants yesterday. Sort of important. She's a solid 16 now, so it was time for "not the baggy pants." Much better!

We went out to dinner to a lovely, small, family-owned and -operated restaurant in Frankfort, NY last night called The Brass Tack. Both typically Mohawk Valley (salad was iceberg lettuce, 2 grape tomatoes, 2 slices of cucumber) and much better than the average (while both Duchezz and I received plates with a cosmetic dusting of paprika, her's was a lovely sweet paprika that complimented the stuffed eggplant beautifully, and mine was dusted with a smoked paprika that was wonderful with the pork tenderloin au poivre). Greens had a bit more oil than I like, but the flavor was awesome. Duke and Duchezz got Rhode Island Calamari. I don't know how "Rhode Island" it was, but it was yummy (and I don't like calamari). Lightly breaded and fried, dressed with a bit of oil, garlic, and sweet and hot cherry peppers. Very nice. We'll go back there.

Today Duke made buckwheat waffles for breakfast, and we tweaked the strawberry sauce in Ellie Krieger's new cookbook, using mixed berries instead of straight strawberries. It was the yum! (http://www.amazon.com/Food-You-Crave-Luscious-Recipes/dp/1600850219/ref=pd_bbs_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1204481131&sr=8-1). I highly recommend the book if you're looking for tasty, healthy recipes.

Great show on Ovation at the moment, but since most of the show is about Marian Anderson, Leontyne Price, Jessye Norman, and Grace Bumbry, with only occasional comments from Robert McFerrin and Simon Estes, why is it called Aida's Brothers? Just curious.