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January 19th, 2010

Tick tick tick tick tick...

Classes start in 36 hours.

So of course today was marked by computer phoo (we got new servers--okay, all you IT people stop laughing hysterically and pick yourselves up off the floor: you're embarrassing your cats) so I couldn't print anything until 4 PM. Not entirely worked out, but at least I can print now. Being able to YouTube in the classroom had better be worth the ulcer I developed today.

In other news, I have a martini in the glass, half gone, am getting ready to proofread my syllabii before putting them up in Blackboard, and am digesting dinner.

I discovered a recipe that may be diet friendly (vegan, low fat, gluten free?) for some of my friends, to wit:

Spicy Broccoli Rabe with Cannellini Beans

Preparation Time: 8 min
Cooking Time: 15 min
Level of Difficulty: Easy

1 pound(s) broccoli rabe, ends trimmed, coarsely chopped
1 1/2 Tbsp olive oil, extra virgin
3 Tbsp minced garlic
15 oz canned cannellini beans, rinsed and drained
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/8 tsp table salt, or to taste
1/8 tsp black pepper, freshly ground, or to taste

* Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil over high heat. Boil broccoli rabe until just tender, about 3 to 4 minutes; drain and set aside.

* Place oil and garlic in a large nonstick sauté pan; set over low heat. Sweat garlic for approximately 10 minutes, keeping oil and garlic together in center of pan to avoid browning.

* Add beans to pan; stir well to combine.

* Add broccoli rabe and lemon juice to pan; toss to combine. Season well with salt and pepper.

* Yields about 1 heaping cup per serving.

I added a chopped up hot cherry pepper (pickled, 'cause I like those better than fresh), and substituted red wine for the vinegar. I put mine over Ronzoni SmartTaste pasta. Yum.

Of note today:

-Robert Parker died. Maybe now he and Robert Urich are comparing notes on how Joe Mantegna does Spenser?
-Joan Helmer (mother of Bill, who I loved, and Steve, my friend), died at 81. She had a smile that could light up a town. Huge woman--broad shouldered, tall, sort of Julie Child sized. What a terrific lady! I know they've been framing up her wings for decades in heaven.
-Today is Shelley's birthday. Best of friends. Time has put distance between us, both physical and emotional, but she is one of the perennial bright spots in my memory. I hope her day was happy.

Now, if I can just find a ride to Shire Christmas....