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January 23rd, 2010

Not the smartest thing I ever did

...was deciding to watch Caprica last night. The good: Esai Morales, in a good strong central role instead of his usual supporting character parts. The bad, Esai Morales as a decent man mourning his wife and daughter, and saying things I keep buried in my head.

And, yes, I did visit Darkover, too. I have this funny thing with my Darkover books. I always keep one in reserve (though I buy them as soon as they come out), which means that I couldn't read The Alton Gift until a new one came out (that way there's always a new trip to the planet of the Bloody Sun to look forward to, y'see?). Well, I have Hastur Lord now, so I can finally read AG. Knowing that living on a planet with a red sun, and its accompanying low-light levels, would probably drive me stark, staring mad (if not suicidal) doesn't change the fact that it is, perhaps, my favorite fictional universe to visit (yes, *sigh,* even more than Middle Earth). A little bit more than halfway through the book, and now must either read at the rate my interest dictates or slow down so I can prolong the visit. Just how much self-control do I have?

My bet--I finish it by Monday. *Sigh* I guess that makes the answer to the self-control question "None."