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February 1st, 2010

Purse stolen. Yup--iPhone, too.

Not a happy camper.

Good kharma

...or at least kharma neutral.

Shortly after posting the note to "Allusers" on campus, the purse made its way to Security. Here's the full story, cross-posted from FB:

"So, here's what happened. Distracted by students, I leave my purse in the classroom. No worries, I think to myself--Steve is in there, I'll just get it when his class is done. So I go down, wait until I see students leave. Go in and say "Steve, did you find a purse in here?" "Why yes!" says he, "it's right over...[tiny voice] it was right there," pointing to the exact spot I'd left it, at the teacher's station. "It was right there not 10 minutes ago. I got talking to those guys and...." I thank Steve and leave.

So, the Pollyanna in me thinks, maybe someone picked it up to take to Security. I go to security. The guy had been there for over an hour, and no one had turned any purses it.

I go back to my office, work some more, send notes to FB and campus mail, try to find numbers to cancel credit cards, contact DMV (fortunately my new license is already on the way), etc. Get number for insurance company. But, annoyed, I then leave. I get in the car to head home, then think I should go to the Utica PD (since the specific contents make the theft a felony). Then I think, I should tell campus cops. So, I drive to their building, go in, and my favorite male on the staff is there. "Something was taken." He looks very serious but simultaneously hopeful. "What." "A purse. I was here earlier, but thought I should check whether I should do a formal report." "What's your name." I tell him. He smiles. Opens the Lost and Found cabinet. And, Ta Da!!, produces my purse. I say, "I was. here before." "It just came in."

Phone, cash, credit cards, and gift cards all appear to be there.

There are a variety of possible scenarios. Pollyanna is leaning one way, and Rosemary the Cynic is leaning the other (creating sort of a tick-tock effect--not very reassuring).

So, today's drama brought to you by Stouffers (cause after that, a frozen dinner is about all I can manage). Well, that and a martini, if I can find the olives."

So, it is certain that the taking of the purse was a deliberate act. The lack of communication with the resident teacher casts it in even more suspicious light. What do I really think happened? They opened it, saw whose it was, and thought, "OMG, that's a teacher!" and decided it was wiser to turn it in than anything else.

Yes, it could have been a good Samaritan, who waited 40 minutes to turn it in. In any event, I got it back, I didn't have to pay the offered reward, and things seem to be okay.

I'm still gonna change all my passwords, and maybe request new cards. And I hope nothing nasty happens to the person who dropped it off, and maybe even a little good. Positive reinforcement is a g-o-o-d thing.