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March 1st, 2010

And now, in daylight

So, now that the firemen with chain saws and really huge crowbars, and the payloader operators have done their thing, and Apollo's golden chariot is doing its thing, here is the view from the driveway.

Under that big honking pile of debris, right next to that lone remaining wall, is where our pump is/was. The firemen last night offered to turn the power back on, incase we thought it would help. Ummmm--not so much. You see, the junction with the lines is somewhere in that pile, too.

With luck sometime today Duchezz will hear from the man who owns what's left of the barn and we'll at least know what we're looking at in the short term.



Monday night, camping in our own home

We've been in contact with the folks who own the barn/property. Farmer Johnson (Jimmy Johnson) is doing okay. Nasty headache, mild concussion. Mending. They called Jerry Jones (I am NOT making this up--and given how Himself felt about the Cowboys, it's really funny) to come over [maybe tomorrow] to see about getting our water back. So that is moving forward about as quickly as can be expected.

I have apparently developed a fever, cough, and sore throat. I thought the cough was from all the feathers this weekend (the twin perils of an SCA event and cold weather), but perhaps it's more. So I'm going to bed early. I'd drink some tea, but that involves fluid going in, which leads to...well, let's just say we're doing some "water conservation" around here for now.

On the positive side, my triennial classroom observation was today, and it seems to have gone well. The Dean seemed happy, and he relayed that mine was the name the President picked from the list he was sent to sit on the search committee for our Center (two positions, one English, one History). While it means committee work, it is also the kind of thing that matters when next I apply for promotion. So, a very mixed day.

And all this after a lousy nights sleep that was filled with images of rubble, children in silly costumes, and the sound of groggers. Don't know what that last bit is?? Hee hee. I didn't before Sunday--don't feel bad. Let's just say that when I should have been at Mass I was sitting next to a little boy in a red cowboy hat and his dad in a yamulka.