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March 24th, 2010

Pathetic PSA

I managed to waste more than 90 minutes exploring Firefox's new personas add-on.

Note to little pict--lots of Boba Fett options.
Note to Russian baroness--lots of wolves.
Note to Fleur clerk--lots of Snape and Supernatural

Note to all the bloodsucker fans (Blood Simple, Twilight, Buffy, Moonlight, etc.)--all the vamps you could possibly want, except for Barnabas and Co.

BSG, Star Trek, Harry, SG-1, Star Wars, LotR...oh yeah.

Marvel. Anime up the wazzo. Even Thundercats. WTF?

Jack, Rose, Donna...10, 11, and 12. Daleks.

I stopped at page 76 of the film and tv. I didn't think I'd get through all 214 pages.

BTW, if you don't like pictures of Megan Fox...maybe you shouldn't check it out.

Message ends.