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April 1st, 2010

There I go again....

So, I saw the headline "VWilliams beats Bartoli in Key Biscayne Semi-final" and thought, "Why is Vanessa Williams beating on Cecelia?" imagining some strange bar fight involving divas of two ilks wailing on each other with beer bottles.

Then I notice the "Key Biscayne Semi-final."
Got it.
And some female tennis player I don't recall.

And yes, it is a very intersting salon in my head, what with the football and opera, heavy metal and polyphonic a capella, surrealist painters and baroque architecture, women in Norman and men alternating between 12th c. armor and shirtless cowboys, ballet and movies full of explosions and strong jawlines.

It's a nice place. Strange. But nice.

The Celtic Catholic girl is gonna go have some nice Passover brisket leftovers now for Maundy Thursday.

There I go again....