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April 8th, 2010

1) Homosexuality is not the topic.

2) Pedophilia is pernicious, insidious, usually invisible, as old as humans, destructive to everyone involved. Marriage is not a "cure" for pedophilia. Remorse is not an indication the abuser can stop, will stop.

3) Anyone who thinks pedophilia is a problem specific to, or largely confined to the Church of Rome is willfully ignorant, blind, or terrified that they will find evidence in their own house of God that their leaders are human, too.

4) Covering up, trying to contain internally, trying to discipline internally, or sweeping under the rug evidence of pedophilia among it's "staff" is not a behavior specific to, or even largely confined to the Church of Rome. It is what has historically been done in every institution where there are adults who prey on children--synagogues, mosques,protestant churches, schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, Herman's Bowling Lane and Kid's Fantasyland....It is always wrong, and always the response. Only recently has the access of the public to courts and the dissemination of information made this increasingly difficult for institutions to successfully attempt. But they still try.

5) The Church of Rome is a 2000 year old target, and its idiosyncrasies, and it's strict moral stance on issues like the sanctity of life and the sanctity of marriage, set against its position as a multinational organization with vast economic resources and the "business model" it has to act on in order to survive, lights it up like...well, okay, I won't use that analogy for fear of offending some intimate with a certain set of blocks in Manhattan...lights it up. Add to that all the resentments directed at an institution which by definition makes you jump through very specific hoops, endure specific and sustained personal sacrifices of both a material and emotional kind, all with the promise of "and when you die, you'll get your reward" to peoples, who, by and large, want their payoff "Now!" and aren't willing to save for their retirement, let alone "bank" on a hereafter that will make not screwing their oh so delectable neighbor's spouse, or stealing that cash tray, or killing that incredibly annoying person, worth it. So, yeah, the Church of Rome, or as I call it, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, is taking some hits, some of them unfair.

Still, I can't help but nod my head when I read this.

And yet there is light

Thank you, Peggy.