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April 10th, 2010

Good night, Akshully

We drove home in the snow tonight from Norwich after seeing page Grant in Les Miserables, the high school edition. It's most of the music, with big holes in the plot.

I was...apprehensive...geez, it's a show most professional touring companies can't pull off. I have to say it was truly good. Good sets, good production values (except the guy on the sound board--grrrr), better than high school acting in many of the parts.

And Javert, Marius, and Enjoiras (the latter appearing to be about twelve--okay, maybe fourteen--with a full double set of shiny braces) had positively stunning voices. Genuine baritone and tenors, strong tops, full middles, convincing bottoms. In the case of Javert and Marius there was genuine acting ability, and Enjoiras shows promise. Fantine and Eponine were rich and fluid, and could act. Mssr. and Mme. Thenardier were everything you could ask for, though his enunciation needed a bit of work--but the physical delivery was spot on--menacing and campy, usually at the same time. A neat trick. And Portia, my love, you have a doppleganger.

Valjean, I fear, has been getting good press through all of his high school years, and so tends to rely on his natural gifts (including an amazing range) and good looks (rock star), but that wasn't quite enough here. Nonetheless, in this production, surrounded by so much strength, Valjean coming across as a Deus machina wasn't altogether a problem.

The only genuine disappointment was Cosette, who was a pretty face, with a coloratura soprano range, but a reedy, unreliable voice. Oh, and she was rather wooden in her performance.

The male students at the barricade were full voiced, tuneful, and some were positively convincing. They were, some of them, EXACTLY the right age for the parts they were playing, and that made it all the more heartbreaking, and, strangely enough, believable. And Grant died valiantly.

We're very glad we went. I just can't help but wonder what they're putting in the water in Norwich to have all that talent in that little school.



Tale of a Saturday

After a trip to Utica (driving the Forester, which I really shouldn't be driving, because cars definitely shouldn't sound like that--like an avalanche of rocks--when you put on the brakes) I came home and was shortly joined by the Matt and Jeci.

We had a lovely day, catching late lunch, early dinner at Cafe Tramontane (really, you need to go there!), and then after a 45 minute walk around the Uptown district that took us past what used to be Hamish and Ysabeau's house we caught Clash of the Titans, in 2D (as originally shot/planned) at the Uptown. (It was fun--not as much of the gods as a I wanted, but fun nonetheless.)

Then home for tea and conversation. I had a wonderful time, with beloved family. And now, sleep.