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May 14th, 2010


*Why is it all one player's fault/glory? Latest case in point, the interminable NBA playoffs. Lebron James is one 25 year old, a piece of a machine with lots of other people in it.

*Hmmm. So, we're working a mile underwater, which means the equivalent of working on the moon--because the marine environment really is a different world, and we're not being successful coping with an emergency. And, it seems, the three companies involved in the technology are pointing fingers at each other. And the oil keeps gushing. *Would people just shut the f**k up, and get to work. The last thing we need, in the middle of the frakking crisis, is Congress butting in. Jeez.

*I wonder if anyone has done an evolutionary study about the generational phenomenon that is a mediocre parental talent producing higher talent in the next. Thinking about the Manning clans (Archie, Payton, Eli) and Brolin (James, Josh). I know there are other examples. Yes, there are also the dynasties--strong parents, strong kids (Douglases, Redgraves, Howards, etc.). Or is it simply that it's just another example of "going into the family business."

Just random thoughts.


One of my students got a 100!!!!!!!!!!!! on her Film Editing test. I am SO proud of her!!!!!! (and, before you ask, given her previous performances I don't think there was any chicanery involved)!!!!