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June 20th, 2010

Busy happy day

Got up, made tea, fed critters, then off to the wonderful Ms. Jenn to have my nails done. Stopped at grocery store (WHY did I think that was necessary. Dumb dumb dumb.) Came home (3:15), frantically cleaned up. People started arriving at 3:45. Peter and Deb checked to see that the grill worked, and I made sure everything was ready to stage.

Puppies (Ping, Jiro, and Sara) played, cats acclimated, newcomers were welcomed, and though some had to leave before food was served (I tried to plan for some things, but not well enough), I think everyone had a pleasant time.

OMG there was food. Chicken, and lamb, and shrimp, and hummus, and tabbouleh, and potato salad, and slaw, and fresh tomato salad, and buffalo burgers, and crudites, and wine and hard cider, and beer, and soda, and homemade cannoli (two kinds), and 4 kinds of Ben and Jerry's, and talk, and laughter, and kvetching.