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June 29th, 2010

Deserves more thoughtful, but...meh

So this weekend I was talking over some issues with a friend of many years. She is a friend to both of us, and was a friend to The Boy. At one point she asked me if I'd thought about getting involved with anyone new.

"Sure. I'm open to it. But there are some realities to deal with."
"Well, I'm seven years older than she [Duchezz] is, which sort of limits opportunities."
She looks a bit sad and allows that that is a factor.
"And I prefer jocks. Which limits things further."
"And I'm pretty clueless. Morguhn and our friends have all had a good laugh over how hard it was for him to get me to pay attention to the fact that he was paying attention."
Looks stunned. "That's pretty clueless."
She looked thoughtful for moment. "So, you're on the market, but the market is Tiffany's."
"Yeah, I guess."