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July 8th, 2010

Made me smile

To see the whole picture go here.


  • I expect to attend Pax on Saturday.
  • I expect to attend EKWC in Eisenthal next Saturday.
  • I expect to arrive at Pennsic late on August 5 and will leave sometime, no earlier than Monday August 9 and no later than the morning of August 12.
  • I hope to attend the Concordia 30th anniversary event.
  • I will not be attending Summer's End as I will be attending Aerin and Posthumous's 21st century wedding.
  • I expect that the Duchezz will attend AE Coronation and I will not.
  • I am flirting with the idea of attending EK Coronation.
  • I hope to attend Harvest Raid and that the Duchezz will stay home that weekend with the dogs.
  • I want to attend Queen's Rapier in October, but given where the event is, and who lives there, I expect to be pre-empted on that.
  • I hope to attend the collegium in Thescorre.
  • I do not expect to attend the interkingdom collegium.