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September 30th, 2010

Great assassination technique

One of the surest ways to TOTALLY ruin my mood is to put me in the position of having to:
  • staple something to your assignment with a section highlighted ,
  • then highlight a portion of the submitted assignment
  • then write "No credit for plagiarized work" on the submitted question sheet.
Yes, you read that right--question sheet. They had to answer 8 questions on a short story. The student in question copied and pasted sections of the discussion in *Sparknotes* online for the answers.

It is particularly galling because she is smart, participates in discussions, and KNOWS BETTER.


So now her grade line is highlighted in yellow in the gradebook, and if she does it again she fails the course.


Grumpy now. Well, grumpier. I was already not in a wonderful mood, and this just makes it "ever so much better."