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October 21st, 2010

Well, that was weird

So last night in dreamland there was this long, strange sequence that involved unique_name_123 and her amazing child, and these very special cutout cookies that he _had_ to have.

And then there was some sci_fi.

And something about a house.

And something work related.

What part has me going "Huh?"? The part with my friend and her son.  I suppose part of it is that lately I find myself using her experience as a bit of  a touchstone (sort of WWDD?) processing. But, no, it isn't the sci-fi, or the Escheresque house, or the work connected to totally surreal issues and environs. It was about the cut-out cookies the size of a hand for an amazing kid.

Maybe it's that they were frosted. I hate frosted sugar cookies.