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November 18th, 2010


So, We've got a bit of the "Way Back" machine going. Turn your minds back a few years. Felix and Hans are kings of the Middle and the East. Havordh and Mary Grace rule Atlantia. Duncan and Larissa are the Crowns of Ansteorra. Morguhn and Meirwen sit the Sylvan Thrones.

So, at Pennsic 40 Havordh is going to be king of Glenn Abhann at Pennsic (though not with Mary Grace), Duncan and Larissa will be King and Queen of Trimaris (yup, I think that means she's sat the throne in 4 kingdoms, though it could be only three--she ruled in Atenvelt, and I thought her first reign was in Caid), Hans's papa will be King of the East, and a newbie unbelt will rule the Mid.

It's a strange strange world we live in, Master Jack.