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December 1st, 2010

I'll call it a win

Well, when I go out to Chez Dotts the diet is always...challenged. Lots of restaurant food, not much by way of meals scheduled other than dinner...not good. Between the restaurant fat and sodium, and the lack of fruit and veg....

I bring some healthy things. And try to watch portions, and follow the plan.

But I worry. So the fact that I only am up .8 lbs. from the last weigh in is probably a win.

But, on the downside, they've changed my WW. New system, new counts. *sigh* Given their track record (every re-do they've done has turned out to work better) I suppose I'll end up winning. Nonetheless, there's a bit too much change in my life right now--I really didn't need this on top of it all.

Whine--It's what's for dinner!

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