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February 4th, 2012

Because of a massive amount of work that needs to be done for Monday (why did all the committee meetings hit next week?), I wanted to get a lot accomplished today.

Well, put that down to good intentions.

I appear to have the attention span of a flea today. I'm going to put it down to still being under the weather (stupid body) and genuinely exhausted from the dramah with the car and other issues. But, still, the impulse to beat myself up about it is rather strong.

So, I'll take the puppies out one last time, feed the kitties, and go to bed. The morning will see me heading off to the store to get the butter I thought we had, that was in fact a half empty box, and then come home and try to get some work done around making a birthday cake and birthday dinner for Duchezz.

I see a long Sunday ahead, so I think I'd better make it a short Saturday--and since it's been such a success so far it isn't like that's a problem.