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February 24th, 2012

Too much

I have a job I mostly like. I do it in a clean, reasonably safe environment (the occasional threats to life and limb from students are few and far between), with mostly smart, compassionate people who I like and who seem to tolerate me well.

And right now I'm tired, and just want to lay down and ignore it all until next September. Which is inconvenient as there are nine weeks left in this semester, and the Fall semester starts in August. But, well, it's what I want--not what I'll have.

Part of it is that I've been cornered into a few responsibilities that are sapping my energy. When you're already working 60-80 hours a week (that's my teaching load--6 courses, at minimum expectation of 10 hours work per week, classroom time included), plus required committee work, adding more on makes life unusually challenging. And then I was asked to be one of the faculty delegates to a conference, and we are expected to put in grant proposals triggered by something we pick up at the conference. And then yesterday I got a note from a VP's AdminAsst saying the VP needed to meet with me today. WTH? Turns out a team I'm on is doing things right, and now she wants me to help the other two teams working on the same project. Did I mention we're all but done, and they haven't even started?

And then there's the chairing the one committee I didn't even agree to be on. Thank you, Universe--it isn't enough that I keep forgetting to say "No": could you stop with the gratuitous piling on.

And it isn't like I don't have 120 papers to grade--this weekend.

I'm at that state of punch drunk tired where I can't even motivate myself to leave the office. It's too much work to pack up.

Oh, yeah. I forgot. The computer picked up something and they want to re-image it. Again. Because actually going in and trying to find the virus and get rid of it, and leave my data intact, is too much trouble/requires a skill-set they don't have. So, instead, they're going to "re-image." Well, the last two times that didn't get rid of the virus, because they don't actually go in and wipe the hard drive. They just write-over everything. Ummm---even I know that ain't the same thing. But it's what they'll do. And I'll have to rebuild everything (except Firefox, because I got sync--if I can remember to write down the username and password), and what I don't have backed up on DVD from iTunes is in the iCloud now. But it is still a pain in the sweetcheeks. And it will degrade again, and they'll have to do it again. This is getting VERY old.

Well, time to finish my tea and face the packing up. I know compared to radiation treatments, disassembled kitchens, mums with the awful, that my life is pretty sunny right now. In a world with death, disease, and destruction, I'm doing okay. But a little whine is good for the soul, or so they tell me.

A nice, dry, Spanish white would suit me very well right now. Or at least when I don't have to drive anywhere.