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February 28th, 2012

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Inferno (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, #6)Inferno by Troy Denning

Number 6 in the Legacy of the Force series, this book deals with the immediate aftermath of events at the end of Sacrifice (an apt title for a book if there ever was one). Like all bridge entries in a series, it doesn't stand well on its own, but at least this entry does a good job of staying focused, building character depth, and carrying us toward the ultimate crisis and resolution.

Except, gentle readers, after Legacy of the Force comes Fate of the Jedi, which continues the story in more volumes of love, death, betrayal, greed, and nobility. Yes--it is George Lucas's world, for good or ill. Good guys die, good children grow into evil adults, and sometimes, at least for awhile, the bad guys win.

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