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April 27th, 2012

This and that

Way behind on the books list. I have Echoes of Betrayal to review, and two novellas (including a Matthew Pearl), and am nearly done with the first volume of the Obsidian Trilogy. Soon, I hope.

The Spring semester is almost over--so what's with the below freezing temperatures? Sheesh. Students are panicked, I'm in pain. What else is new.

Dramah has reared its ugly head. Partially self-inflicted, but realizing that doesn't fix anything. Armoring up, checking weapons, hoping I can pull it off. There will be bruises--I'd just like to end the fight something other than crippled.

Event tomorrow. Here's hoping it goes well (as in fun--attendance is virtually guaranteed to be low). Best stop typing--those twinges in my upper arms shouldn't be ignored.