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May 1st, 2012

And the fail just keeps on comin'

So, last night, on the way home, too fried to care, I noticed that the gas gauge would soon be lit up by the oh-so-helpful little gas-pump-shaped light. But, I thought, if I have to I'll get fuel in the morning. I might even have enough to get to work and I can do it after.

Came home, graded late, which meant I didn't wind down until after midnight. Awake at usual 5:30ish. Came down groggy. Duchezz was running late. Chaos ensued.

Duchezz put a check on the table for me to deposit at bank this afternoon, which, miracle of miracles, I saw. I put it in my wallet (now if I could only find the reimbursement check I got from Elwyn this weekend. Alas-no.), grabbed my tea and went upstairs.

Got dressed, headed to work. Checked the temperature and forecast and saw I could wear a lighter coat today, so put yesterday's back on the rack and grabbed a jacket. Out the door before 8 (which is good since there were papers I wanted to grade to hand back at 9:30). Actually made it to Utica without the helpful little light coming on. So, as I made the turn off Valley View I reached into my purse to grab my wallet so I could get out the ID card that lets me into the parking lot.

No. Wallet.

And a quiet, all-consuming panic set in. Not because I couldn't park--it was early enough I was able to find a spot in the unassigned lot. No--it's because...TA DA!!! I'm on empty and have. no. money. See, my cash was in the pocket...of the coat I wore yesterday.

And my debit card is in the wallet (which I finally calmed down enough to realize must be on the dining room table).

And my ID is in my wallet--so I can't even go to the bank and make a withdrawal at the counter. Not to mention driving without my license.

So, the first thing I do when I get to campus, instead of grading the papers, is rifle my desk for spare change. I tend to drop it in a cup in my drawer those few times I buy coffee. Thank G-d! You know, if you do that for a few years in a row, the change adds up--$7 worth in fact. Which was enough for a gallon and a half of gas, enough to get me home.

Where my beautiful wallet was, right on the dining room table, under the morning paper that I'd carelessly put on top of it while I ate my breakfast this AM.

Yes, this was just the stress I needed on top of the other. Not to mention last week of classes.

So, I'm going to drink a cuppa, pet the kitties and puppies, and then...head back to Utica for my afternoon appointments. I think tonight there will be less grading and more wine.