May 29th, 2012



Either our elected representatives should enact the "will of the people" or they should be expected to exercise their own judgement on our behalf. If you castigate them on Monday for the first, then bemoan on Tuesday when they've done the second, I call "hypocrite." Instead, though you claim a principled stand about the nature and purposes of government, I have noticed your opprobrium all depends on whether the "will of the people" or "their own judgment" coincides with your own. That only leaves labels my mother told me to never apply to people because those are bad words.

Apparently there are two kinds of stupid that can enjoy a measure of success. The first follows all the rules of a writing task, doing it correctly, but having the judgement and insight of a tomato bug. If it's a writing class I suppose it doesn't matter. The rest of the time, it does. Yes, political speech writers--I'm looking at you. The second shows insight and an ability to think clearly, but puts as much effort into the writing of the communication as a tomato bug. That measure of success only applies in the artificial confines of academia. The rest of the time people will just sort of shake their heads and move on. Sort of like when you showed up for the interview in a holey rock concert T-shirt, sweatpants, and flip-flops.

Junior faculty coming to me for advice is...disturbing.

Really--I wonder how big that hail was before it melted.