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July 14th, 2012

How can being home be so exhausting

Staying home with the Ping this week so he got his meds on schedule (the schedule is on the refrigerator, because he's on 4 meds, some 4x/day, some 3x/day, some 2/x per day), which meant some things got done. Some physical (packing/sorting/tossing), some electronic (iTunes loading so I can put CDs in boxes or sell them; learning how my blu-ray player works [including its Netflix/hulu capabilities]).

Finished a book (meh--more later).

Dealt with a sick kitty.

Somewhere in there there was food, but it was really too hot to do the cooking/baking I really wanted to. Just as well. My reaction to stress when I'm home is either to reject most food rather violently (physically) or to cook/bake and eat the product thereof. So, maybe just as well.

Yeah. That's all I've got.

(BTW, plans are going forward so we can be at the memorial for James/Richard on August 19.) If anyone has a mailing address for Wanda, please send it to me privately. I have their home phone number, but not a mailing address.