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July 16th, 2012


Today is the second anniversary of the death of one friend's young husband.
Last week a good friend killed himself in despair.
Today another lovely woman's husband is being kept alive through the miracles of modern medicine, but he's suffering organ death and miracles are hard to come by.
Another couple I adore is divorcing. Two other friends are being worn to shreds as their mothers slip away into twilight or the ravages of cancer. Cathy's husband has been given months to live.
A wonderful woman died last week, leaving her son, whom I adore, in grief.

I must remember there is a baby Stendahl. And a baby Kahler. And a baby Reichert. A new baby George is on the way. And my favorite newlyweds are having a housewarming for their new home on Saturday. My youngest SCA daughter is getting a wonderful new house. I got to see Kathi. The Ping is healing, though he may end up blind in that eye. TAG kitty is better. eLeri is home from the hospital. Tina got a job. Carrie has a job. Matt is doing well in school. Jeci is coming home.

Blessings. I has them.