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December 10th, 2012

Well, that may go down on the list of "worst nights ever" at the number three spot. To give you a sense of scale...

Coming in at Number 1 (as in "the worst") would be collapsing on Runestone Hill in so much pain that the only, the ONLY possible response was to scream. And cry. And scream. Rhiannon flew up Runestone to Chirugeons, and Kyle of Clan Kyle (who was many things, but a competent chirugeons was one of them and while the good he did does not mitigate the bad, I don't want anyone to forget there was some good), who thought I was having a bad trip, called Portersville Ambulance to come and take me to Butler. They took me to Butler Memorial Hospital, where they waited until the alcohol in my system reached a low enough level, then shot me full of Demerol, upon which instant the phrase "Demerol is my friend" entered my vocabulary. We got home around dawn.

Coming in at Number 2 is the night I hemorrhaged so badly that Morguhn and Rowan had to drive me through a snowstorm to the hospital. It was back in the bad old days when my uterus was trying to kill me, and after I picked myself up from the floor from being unconscious, and drenched in blood, I staggered up the stairs to Morguhn's room, woke him and Ro up, and we talked. They called my doctor, who had us come to the hospital. They wanted to give me two units of blood. Then they tried to talk me into one unit. I asked Morguhn what he thought, but, well, for someone who wanted to be a doctor he was pretty useless in that situation. So I said no, they admitted me. I don't remember if it was one or two days--blood loss affects the brain. This only comes in at number two because bleeding to death is strangely peaceful, whereas nerve pain is excruciating. I long ago accepted that I'm one of those who would do just about anything to make extreme pain stop. Not strong. No apologies.

Which brings us to Number 3,
last night.Collapse )

Which brings us to today. I need to go to campus to get papers to grade, but otherwise I think all the plans I had are shelved until I don't feel quite so wobbly on my pins. And, except for the oatmeal, I think the leftovers from yesterday are going into the freezer, or elsewhere, to be someone else's issue. My suspicion is that my old sensitivity to tuna and beef is back. Or it could be that there was just too much roughage in the soup, between the apples and pumpkin, for my body's comfort, since I had a more mild occasion of the same sort a couple of weeks ago when I had both baked squash and applesauce. But, I'm taking no chances, and assuming both played a role. So it's a drink lots of fluids and eat clear soup day for me. And maybe I'll pick up a banana. I hate bananas.

By the way--the soup was delicious.