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December 16th, 2012

Haul out the holly...

So, Facebook appears to be down. Interesting.

Grades are done, grades pages saved to Dropbox for record keeping. Tomorrow and Thursday I go into the office to do some committee work, tidy, and grade Placement tests, but now I can revel in football, trim the tree, and maybe eat something.

Tea first I think.

Let the holidays begin!!


I wonder if it's the bread, the chicken, or the mayo. Food is not supposed to hurt. :-(

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Ho ho ho?

So, tree is up. The little one.

Angel has started coming into the living room, and in the last 5 days has knocked the untrimmed tree over twice. Consequently I needed to make sure that the ornaments I put on were mostly unbreakable. That meant most of the ornaments that most say "Christmas" to me are still in the boxes. And since it's such a small tree most of the fun Hallmark ornaments are too big. I'm blaming the above for my "Meh."

One the other hand, I did put this one on, since, being brass and silver, it's mostly safe.

It was a gift from dear friends, and carries memories of caroling, and singing for Midnight Mass, and a crowded living room full of laughter and food, friendship and love.

Hark! The herald angels sing.

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