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Phone calls and too many characters

Sweeties called from the Abbey Party. This makes me happy.

Good Samaritan made with the horn honking at the Penelope. I am grateful. Low grade canine dementia not fun.

Pugs are not pleased about the whole packing humans thing. Expressed displeasure in particularly infantile fashion. Grrrr.

Both Dr. Who and Stargate Atlantis had multiple versions of the lead characters, simultaneously. Head exploding now.

And all those companions, simultaneously? I half expected to see Leela, Romana, Nyssa, and Turlough showing up any second. And I could have gone my entire life without seeing the resurrection of that particular bad guy--and the whole lack of definite death at the end of this episode on top of it. Of course, last time he was definitely dead and we see how that actually went.

But I was impressed at the logical, permanent, and fan-satisfying way Rose is gone for good. (FWIW, turning a heel during a compelling and complicated episode of DW is not recommended.) And looks like Jack found new staff to replace Tosh and Owen. He could do worse.

Now, time for bed before my early morning stint grading Placement Test essays on campus.