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7 hours down

Well, last night was good.
They've changed a bunch of the food vendors, so dinner wasn't as yummy as last year, but the Guinness and Harp still flowed like a river. They even drew me two practically perfect Black and Tans (and didn't tell me they were "Black and Amber" like the snippy guy at Packy's Pub (you know, given that the pub has a 24x36 of Michael Collins on the wall, you'd think they'd know the drinks are Black and Tans!)

The venue for the traditional groups isn't perfect (but they do get the choicest digs). They're under the fixed pavillion, seats about 500. Great lights, excellent sound system. The Contemporay stage is about 100 feet away, huge canvas affair with these huge (30') center poles. Seats about a 750, but once the beer flows the mosh pit starts [don't get me started], so only about 300 people can sit, and all of them in the back (assuming you want to see the performers). And boy, is there a sound overlap between the two stages. Fortunately, there wasn't much of a sound overlap for Cathie last night. Unfortunately, it started while she was singing "The Three Marys." Oh well. She was great as usual. Tonight the worst overlap is going to be the 20 minutes when Tommy Makem is on the Traditional stage and the Prodigals are on the contemporary. If you don't know who the Prodigals are, think punk meets Irish pub band--pub band wins by a nose, but only by that much.

Glengarry Bhoys didn't get on site until 9:30 (silly Canadians), so didn't start at 10:30--started at eleven. [snip rant about rude people in audience before and during the show]. The Bhoys were loud, and fun, and their fiddle player is a GODDESS (pretty, too). We left before their set was over (major pout, even though I was the one who insisted the puppys mattered more).

We were frozen solid (it was in the 50s by the time we left and hadn't prepared for it to be THAT cold). We have learned the new car does not have a functioning heater. Snarl. Thank goodness for warranties.

Today is the Gaelic Football tournament. Yippee. ["Rugby is a thug's game, played by gentlemen; soccer is a gentleman's game played by thugs; Gaelic football is a thug's game played by thugs."]

Oh, and for those interested in maybe coming next year--it's The Great American Irish Festival, and they have a good web site. We bought our tickets online for this year. Much cheaper. If it's in the same place, its the Herkimer County Fair Grounds in Frankfort, NY.