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What a ride!

Pennsic--what can I say: so hot I didn't go to any classes, sat through the amazingly long AE court, got three books read...

The absolute high point of my war was that I was given the joy of speaking for someone I respect, admire, and cherish at his laurel ceremony. He is that rare soul who will keep his own counsel unless asked, or has the duty to share, and then speaks the absolute truth as he knows it, acknowledging that it is all informed by the place he is standing in the universe. If he finds later his counsel is wrong, or he finds reason to change his mind, he acknowledges the change in as clear and forthright manner as he first spoke. What courage, what strength. I've rarely been so happy to see someone acknowledged as a peer, and never moreso. Bravo, Master Ian.

Then home--a blessedly uneventful drive thanks to a lack of rain and a full moon that mitigated my nightblindness.

Then, 8 AM, Breakfast and Convocation, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs going through the list of new faculty appointments and saying, "Next, a well known member of our adjunct faculty for many years, who has received a probationary faculty appointment in the Humanities Dept., Rosemary Mink."

And it's finally starting to feel real. They're moving my office, I get a laptop, got pressured into taking a second overload (that means 7 classes, 6 writing intensive--see you all in December)....

So, for those of you who wondered why I had to leave, now you know. I only told people in dribs and drabs, partly because it really didn't feel real. But maybe it is. And there's a rumor that 3 of my years as a term appointee count towards tenure, which, if true, means I can apply next year--which would be cool.

Duchezz and I went to the Woodsman's Field Days in Boonville today. We got to watch the Lumberjills sawing away on 16 inch diameter logs with mucking huge one handle saws, and watched some pretty pathetic axe throwing (2.5 lb head, 24 in handles). You can sure tell that the axe throwing is not something many of them practice--but there was some amazing work on the saws.

For the rest, it was lots of big equipment with nasty blades and little equipment with big sharp teeth. Oh, and great scenery. Lumberjacks tend to the tall, built, and ruggedly handsome, at least based on our informal sampling technique. Okay, that came out wrong, but my alter-ego is making me leave it in.

And when she starts making the rules, it's definitely time for me to either get some sleep or go to bed.



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Aug. 21st, 2005 12:09 am (UTC)
I am very happy for you, Tenure track sounds like a long over due open door for you.

Aug. 21st, 2005 05:32 pm (UTC)
I was so happy to see you for the brief time I was able to. I think that the next event that we're at together may be a better time to hang out.

Congratulations again on the tenure track position.
Aug. 21st, 2005 10:45 pm (UTC)
Welcome back!

I missed you!

Tenure is a good thing, and most definitely overdue.
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