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A Gift

This was declaimed in court at East Kingdom Birka event over the weekend (or so I'm told - we were not there). Written by Countess Tamara:

With grief unmeasured, bells do toll the loss
Too soon of one so many sought to claim
As king, as knight, as mentor, guide and friend.
And nothing that we say can bring him back,
No prayers nor pleas to Fate, so cold and sure.
Yet he would have it so. Aye, yes he would!
For Morghun knew that once one's fight was lost
To honor Death with head held high and grace
Upon the last was also chivalry.

So if we mourn, the East and Aethelmearck
And all those Outland places that he touched
Be honest -- who we mourn for now is us,
And what we've lost, and what we'll never see
Again. But if you'd honor Sheriden,
Then do it in all actions great and small
And know him there, in shadowform and thought.
A noble sword blow -- there is Sheriden
A grip of friendship raising fallen foe.
A courtly grace -- and Morghun's also there
As is he in assistance e'er it's asked
And beauty noted happily and oft.

From smallest stitch to greatest warp and weft
There Sheriden resides. And smithy's work
Will also ring out "Morghun" with each blow.
Throughout the Knowne World he will echo now
In memories and laughter and great tales.
And in his place in Heav'n, surely nigh
The Throne that also has its Honor Guard
He'll know he's not forgotten, as our love
And Knowne World legends will forever prove.

Countess Tam