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Of fencers and friends

The event yesterday was hard in all the ways anticipated--in some ways also unanticipated. But, there was a metric planet-load of good as well.

We saw old friends, including artisticphoenix, gwendolynbasing,hawkyns, liamstliam, Katherine, Emerson, eLeri, Pierre, and of course our hosts Mathgamain and Dresden. svan_1004 and emt_hawk made it out, as did the entire German Squire family. Morguhn's portrait, done by edana_haukyns,  sat behind the MoL table, and his gear bag rested beside the wall.

After the event the Ruby Tuesday's in Saratoga Springs was able, after a short wait, to accomodate our 10 adult, 1 teenager, and 2 child party. The wait was fortuitous as young Michael had had an adventure involving the tailgate of their truck, his trousers, and the pavement. The young one was fine--not a scratch, much to everyone's amazement and relief--but his trousers were split from cuff hem to elastic waist. More importantly, he was very distressed at the idea of going into the restaurant wearing only his cowboy boots, braes, and a tunic. So while we waited for our tables, the parents took him to Penney's, and he emerged resplendent in a full set of 21st century clothing.

As to the tournament, a Case of Case for His Grace, it was full of laughter, good fencing, and fun as it celebrated the many shades of Morguhn. After the winners were announced, Math had Dalwhinnie and small shot glasses for everyone for a toast (the truly brave took Mt. Dew instead of Scotch). As he stood there, he said that his lady had reminded him that if he really meant there to be a toast, he would have to say something.

"So," he said, "I thought about it, and I realized it really came down to two things--
He was my friend....and I will miss him."