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This day in May

We had a grand time at the Cortland Madison Grand Matron's visit. We looked spiffy in our new gowns, had a fabulous meal, and a lovely drive home this AM.

When we went to pick up the pugs from the kennel, we stopped at Penney's to see if they had any more gowns on deep discount. Scored a new gown for the fabulous Jane I. (which she and her husband both love) for less than $50--I am, after all, the shopping goddess. This was a win of epic scale.

So a 50-1 longshot won the Derby. I can't remember who won the day we were married. I remember after the ceremony calling Shelley. I remember the cake. And Mark and Sue leaving so early. I remember the laughter, and sitting on the floor in front of the television in a pool of white taffeta, focusing on what was going on at Churchill Downs, to the bemusement of the wedding guests. And I remember the amazing champagne Mark brought.

Doing my best to remember the good bright moments from that day, and to enjoy the present moments of laughter.

Some days, I almost think I can feel his arm around my shoulder, his breath on my neck. And the tension fades, and I can take that next step forward. The tears are just a reminder of beauty. And testament to what is good, and true, and lasting.

A testament to a life well loved.