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Gray Sunday

For all that the day is gray, so far so good.

I overcame the comfortable warmth of my little solitary bed and headed off to Mass (it's at 8:30 AM, so this is not as easy as it sounds). When I got there clearly there was something special about today. I was confused, since they did Confirmation on Friday.

Ah, well, even though it's not in the Misselette, the first Sunday in May is usually Lady Day, not just the "___th Sunday of Easter." So services opened with the Elementary school cathecism classes processing in with flags: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of LaSallete, Our Lady of Knock (our priest's name is Terence Heany, and he comes from "The Old Sod"), Our Lady of Lourdes, and Our Lady of Fatima (we have a small shrine for Her beside the church). Then more of them came in bearing flowers (lots, very pretty) that they put around the small (about 24") statue placed where the altar rail would be if we still had such things. Then the last three came in, the smallest bearing a pillow with a tiny crown of flowers on it. The second girl untied the crown, and the third put the crown on the statue.

Then we heard Mass.

Then, leaving the church, the same children led us out, each carrying a wand with ribbons attached at the tip, which they then put in the vases by the Fatima shrine. Father led us in a "Hail, Mary," and we all left.

One of the reasons I can't imagine not being Catholic is because while the names of things aren't the same, I believe Catholicism comes closest of all the Christian denominations to understanding that there is more to the Divine than just the Father. Yes, I'm a little pagan. More than a little. I don't see what I believe as contradicting the church, nor the church contradicting me. Others don't agree. That's okay.

I'd never experienced this ceremony before. Apparently, we do this every year. But, well, now I know why I'm happier here than I've been in any church since little Saint Joan's burned to the ground when I was a child.

And, in the funny coincidence department, I've been working my way slowing through A Plague of Poison, finally finishing it last night. And how does it end? The big "reveal" is in the last chapter, on May Day, just after the ceremony of Crowning the Virgin. Which I'd never even heard of, until I read it last night. As Gibbs would say, "I don't believe in coincidences."

So, it's do some work, go to rehearsal for Wednesday night's District Deputy Visitation (I'm singing "A, You're Adorable"--just shoot me now), and then Duchezz and I are going out dinner to celebrate 17 years and 364 days of keeping the promise not to kill each other, no matter how tempted we sometimes are. ;-)

Then it's home to more grading, more pug snuggles, and seeing if my cat is speaking to me yet.

Be good to each other.