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Happy Anniversary, my love.

There are a dozen beautiful long-stem roses on my desk--11 white, one red.
Dinner tonight is yummy French toast made with the bread we bought at the Mennonite's store.
I'm off to buy Duchezz a card, and a piece of jewelry for me (she already got her prezzie).
I miss you.

May 4, 1991

And from May 4, 2008 (when Himself was at Grand Lodge)
9:24 PM update from The Boy in NYC: He just called from the intermission here http://www.nymasons.org/cms/divas_with_heart_Ticket (it's been sold out for awhile--don't be confused by the matinee line--that's for the added show). On their way down one of the mucky mucks called him on his cell and said he had some extra tickets, so himself is hanging out with the charitable crowd, watching Chaka, and Patti, and waiting for Diva Diana. I'm glad for him. He's all excited. He's so cute.