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And we are at T minus 6 and counting

...it is at times like this that I remember with bliss 1981 in Syracuse. I got up. I went to work. After 7 and a half hours I came home. Once I was home I could read, watch TV, go shopping, walk over to the Zieglers and hang out or go to dinner, or go through Wegmanns (back in the day when Weggie-land hand a fabric section).

The biggest problem on the weekends was coming up with something to do. I wasn't rolling in cash, but I had a steady job, lived in a cool part of town, and had time for a life.

It seems like heaven looking back. Yesterday was a craptastic day. Got to campus at 8:30 and worked flat out all day. Came home, made dinner, worked until after 11. Went to bed and had dreams about working and students all night. Got up at 6. By 7:30 I was working again.

Taking this brief pause to vent feels like slacking.

Now it's time to get dressed, pack up my stuff, and head off to work, where it's another flatout day. I am in hopes it will have a lower crap quotient than yesterday.

And, for the record, I'm still not rolling in cash, I don't live in a cool part of town, and I wonder what it would be like to have time for a life.