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Weekend update

1. Commencement was yesterday. Lots of my former students in the crew, about half "with honors." Yay!
2. Duchezz called from Angola rest stop on the way to War Practice. I hope she has fun.
3. Probably going to the Irelands' for lunch and Scrabble today. It is good.
4. Tomorrow is working on the department Program Review (ugh) and maybe catching Wolverine or Terminator.
5. Next week is: Department Mtg. and Prog. Rev. Mtg.; Summer Institute classes and mtg. with benefits lawyer; Summer Instit. mtg. and Recognition Luncheon; Distance Learning mtg., Advisor training, mtg. with textbook guy. Then Friday!!! Movie, and Duchezz gets home! Saturday she is home and I go to Long Lake with Jane and Debbie. Sunday she goes south and west for Karl's graduation party.

6. Somewhere in there I'm going to knit. I hope. Or iknitstuff is gonna kill me.