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Yesterday was the big scary interview at this college down the road. Teach a complete 50 class in the middle of someone else's semester, in front of the hiring committee and 35 students you've never met before.

Meet with the committee for an hour.

Eat overbaked haddock oreganato. Go to the campus florist with members of the search committee who just "have to have" some stargazer lilies. Okay, they were pretty.

Meet with the dean for an hour and twenty minutes, 10 of which was spent talking about the SCA picketing the foundry that cast the Liberty Bell (I'm not making this up!)

Talk to human resources for 10 minutes.

Talk to the Vice President, whose secretary actually remembers me when I was a kid.

All in all, anxiety provoking and surreal, in nearly equal degrees.

Think good thoughts--it's tenure track, and no further away than my current job, which is going away--something about state regs, not me or them.

I'll find out sometime in May if I got one of them (they're hiring for two positions, interviewing seven candidates).

Don't even get me started about trying to get the taxes done.