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Cosmic balancing attempt?

So, after I made up the copies of the Academic Program Review, with Appendixes, I went to the Employee Success Celebration Luau.

Twas fun. Talked to colleagues (really I work with some really nice human beings--I am very lucky in that respect), snacked. Drank the free, not awful, wine.

And won one of the raffle baskets!! There were no stinkers, but there was one I really wanted (it included a $20 gift certificate to one of my fav restaurants). Guess which one I won?

No, really, guess.

Ha. Ha. Fooled ya!! I got the one I wanted!!!!!! When does that ever happen.

I'll take with a smile and sincere thank you anything good the universe wants to throw at me. Truly.

I still would rather have the redhead. But you all knew that.