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This morning at Mass, in case we didn't make it tomorrow, they added some things in honor of Memorial Day.

Some of the active, reserve, and retired military in the parish came in uniform, brought in the flag, and then did the ceremony of folding the flag, with a member of the VFW explaining what each fold meant. It was beautiful and thoughtful.

Then the veterans, and one of the Gold Star mothers, laid the wreath at the base of the church flagpole. As we were singing "God Bless America" outside on the lawn, led by the choir, a bunch of bikers went by. As they rode past us they rev'd their engines, hard. At least two of them were Harleys (I wasn't looking, but nothing sounds like that except a Harley). Some of the congregation got all frowny. Those who know better, including the ones in uniform, smiled. We know what that sound meant.

One of the Honor Guard was clearly on active duty. I wonder if he's an ROTC teacher, or maybe a recruiter. He was in his dress uniform. I spoke to him once--the first Sunday I went to Mass after Morguhn's death. He was the man who drove the ambulance that day. Who was assertive and businesslike that Sunday evening--all about the business, and getting it done, and done right.

That Sunday morning two weeks later when I spoke to him he was quiet-spoken, kind, and compassionate.

He was dressed in blue today, a bright red stripe down his trouser leg. His jacket belted tight, his brimmed cap gleaming white.

I think Lt. Col. Jack NMI Glenn, USMC, was doing his best to take care of his youngest son that day. He sent us a Marine.



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May. 25th, 2009 07:30 am (UTC)
Memorial Day
Wow, and thanks to you and your congregation. There are few things that can get me really choked up and one is representing an honoring our flag and country.

Your right it is important to do your best to do it right and all attempts I appreciate if done in ernst. On this morning, Michael will be riding with those harlies (on his tricycle) and wishing making us proud an "revving" his engine. Some day.....

Happy Memorial Day!!

Love, Heidi and the boys
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